Budget options

In Decent Budget, budgets are calculated automatically every month depending on your preferences. You decide what portion of your income should be used for various categories and vaults, and budget is prepared automatically every month.

Those preferences are set in budget options page.

Table of contents

  1. Budget options page
  2. Add category or vault to budget options
  3. Remove category or vault from budget options
  4. Budget limits
  5. Add limits to category or vault
  6. Change budget-wide limits

Budget options page

There are four sections in budget options page: income allocations, categories, vaults and budget limits.

Budget options

  1. Income allocations show primary information about your allocating income. Income in use tells you what portion of your monthly income will be used for budgets. Monthly amount is the amount needed to cover your budget in full*.

  2. Categories shows list of categories that will be included in your budget and what portion of income (percent of flat amount) fill be used for them.

  3. Vaults shows list of vaults that will receive funds from your budget. Same as categories, you can select either percent or a flat amount.

  4. Budget limits sets money boundaries in which budget should be created.

* Monthly amount does not take categories & vaults limits into account at this time.

To find budget options page:

  1. Click on “Budget” in navigation bar. Select budget
  2. Click on “Budget options” button on the right top side. Click budget options

Add category or vault to budget options

  1. Select category or vault you want to add to the budget and click “Add category” or “Add vault”. Select category
  2. Select what portion of income you want to dedicate for this category or vault. Set percentage
  3. Save changes. Save changes

Remove category or vault from budget options

  1. Find category or vault you want to remove and click “X” button on the left side. Click x
  2. Save changes.

Budget limits

One problem with percentages is that they can go out of control if income last month was large. This is why in budget options you can set limits for whole budget, or for categories and vaults separately.

If you set minimum amount, that amount will be set regardless if you had enough income last month or not (missing funds will be taken from the reserve).

If you set maximum amount, calculated amount will always be limited to that amount.

Add limits to category or vault

  1. Find category or vault you want to add limits to and click “Set amount limits…” link next to it. Select set amount limits
  2. Set desired minimum and/or maximum limit and click “Save limits”. Set limits
  3. Save changes.

Limits can be set only for those categories or vaults that use percent of income.

Let’s say you have a “Movies” category which you set at a certain percentage. Due to low income last month, you get calculated amount of 7.00, but price for a cinema ticket is 10.00. In this case, you can’t really use “Movies” category funds in any meaningful way.

To fix this, you can check “Fill minimum amount only if percentage reaches it” checkbox when setting limits. This way only if a minimum amount is reached by income percentage, funds will be allocated for that category.

Change budget-wide limits

  1. In budget limits section, click “Change…” link. Click change
  2. Set desired minimum and/or maximum amount and click “Save budget limits”. Set budget limits
  3. Save changes.