Overview is a homepage of your Decent Budget account. Any time you visit Decent Budget while signed in, Overview is what you’ll see first.

Overview consists of a few different sections: current balance, expenses this month, checklists, expenses by day and cash flow.

Table of contents

  1. Current balance
  2. Expenses this month
  3. Checklists
  4. Expenses by day
  5. Cash flow

Current balance

Current balance

Current balance shows your current total balance in Decent Budget. Total balance is also break down into types of funds: reserve balance, budgets balance and vaults balance.

Colored bar shows funds distribution of those types of funds.

Expenses this month

Expenses this month

All expenses that happened this month will be shown in “Expenses this month” section. They are grouped by category and, selectively, can be compared with last month.

For example, in the image above, Groceries category has three bars. Green one is your this month’s expenses. Grey bar below shows last month’s expenses: total expenses (amount 91.08) and expenses on the same day (amount 31.43). In this case we see that we’re spending money faster than last month.

You can also track number of transactions that you make on a specific category. For example, if we know that we have 4 expenses every month for subscriptions, we can track that number here.

Comparison with last month and transactions number tracking can be enabled in tracking settings. You can change tracking settings by moving your mouse over “Expenses this month” section and clicking “Change tracking…” link on the top right corner.

Change tracking



Checklists work as standard to-do lists. Their purpose is to make a list of things that you need to buy or keep track of bills you need to pay. To create a new checklist, click on a “New checklist” button:

New checklist button

Enter checklist title (for example, “Monthly bills”) and save.

New checklist form

You will be asked to enter your first checklist item:

New checklist item button

When you want to mark something as done, simply click on that item (you can click on the title or on the checkbox next to it).

If you move your mouse over checklist title (“Monthly bills”) or checklist item (e.g. “Internet bill”), you’ll see three dots appear on the left side. Clicking on it will reveal additional actions “Edit” and “Delete”.

Checklist menu

Expenses by day

Expenses by day

How fast are you spending money compared with last month? Spendings by day chart shows exactly that. Green section is your spending this month, and grey one—spending last month. It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on “Expenses by day” to keep your spending in check.

Cash flow

Cash flow

Cash flow tells you how much money did you gain or lose when you sum up all monthly income and expenses. Try keep cash flow positive as often as possible—that would mean that you’re gaining money over time.